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Hip Replacement: Tips from Those Who Know

November 15, 2019
by Hartzband Center
Hip Replacement Surgery Paramus NJ

Arthritis pain often reaches a point where it is intolerable. Hip arthritis can affect gait, body mechanics, and your ability to do the things you'd like to do. When this happens, it's natural to consider hip replacement surgery. Before this step, doctors nearly always attempt to manage pain using conservative methods of care, such as...  read more

Timing is Important in Addressing Hip Pain

October 15, 2019
by Hartzband Center
Upload: August 30, 2019

Hip pain is often a symptom of arthritis and it is also often a precursor to diminished mobility and quality of life. With prompt attention, though, this problem can be properly managed. Far too often, we see patients only after they have lived with the pain of hip arthritis for several years, not recognizing the...  read more

Managing Osteoarthritis

September 15, 2019
by Hartzband Center
Osteoarthritis Treatment Paramus, NJ

Many people have heard the term arthritis. It is the condition Grandma or Grandpa had that made their hands ache. In medicine, we often use the term osteoarthritis when discussing the degenerative condition that causes a joint, often the hip or knee, to become painful and stiff. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage that buffers two...  read more

These Are the Reasons Your Hip May Hurt

August 15, 2019
by Hartzband Center
Upload: July 19, 2019

The human body is a complex network of connected systems and structures. Made to meet our physical needs, the body is sometimes subjected to long-term or extreme demands, some of which do not end when we sleep. It’s easy to assume your body will always accomplish what is asked of it. When pain develops and...  read more

Avoiding Muscle Atrophy after Knee Surgery

June 15, 2019
by Hartzband Center
Knee Surgery

The knees endure quite a lot over a lifetime of use. Most of the strain put on our knees involves daily use; walking up stairs or going for a run. In some cases, pain or deterioration stems from a traumatic injury to the knee. A traumatic injury doesn’t have to be as intense as it...  read more

Is Knee Replacement on your Calendar? Then These Exercises Should be In Your Future!

May 15, 2019
by Hartzband Center
Knee Replacement Surgery Paramus NJ

Joint replacement is not something that most people truly wish to experience in their lifetime. We can tell you from our perspective, though, that when an injured or arthritic joint is causing pain, most of the people we meet are pretty excited about getting knee replacement put on their calendar. One of the primary aspects...  read more

Knee Replacement Surgery Should be Postponed as Long as Possible: Is This True?

April 15, 2019
by Hartzband Center
Knee Surgery Paramus NJ

Knee arthritis is a chronic condition that can, at some point, place significant limitations on a person’s activities. The pain and stiffness caused by an arthritic knee joint can interfere with daily living, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are several ways in which a medical professional can address knee arthritis. Some...  read more

Technology is Improving Patients’ Surgical Experience

March 15, 2019
by Hartzband Center
Orthopedic Services Paramus, NJ

We’ve been providing personal surgical care to patients in the Paramus, NJ area for many years. In our clinical experience, we have come to realize that the patient experience before and after surgery can be more than a little stressful. Patients want to know what to expect, what to do when they have questions or...  read more

Common Knee Injuries for the Everyday Athlete

February 14, 2019
by Hartzband Center
Knee Surgery Parmus NJ

You may not consider yourself an athlete if you don’t spend several days a week on a field or court. However, your body may say otherwise. Anyone who plays any sport at any time is an athlete to some degree. As such, any person who plays sports is presented with unique situations in which an...  read more

Early Intervention for Joint Pain Offers Specific Benefits

December 15, 2018
by Hartzband Center
Hip Surgery Paramus, NJ

There is an old saying that states “a good offense is the best defense.” Of course, we cannot resist a good sports reference at the height of football season, but there is more to this phrase than meets the eye. It somewhat goes along with the other adage, “prevention is the best medicine.” As knee...  read more