Hip Replacement Results

Tips to Prepare for Hip Surgery

November 15, 2018
by Hartzband Center
Hip Surgery Paramus, NJ

If you follow today’s beauty trends, you may have heard of something called “prejuvenation.” This term describes action taken to preserve youthfulness, such as getting Botox before lines and wrinkles become permanent facial characteristics. When we discuss the matter of hip surgery, many patients ask about recovery and what they can expect. More and more,...  read more

Do I Need Revision Hip Replacement?

July 15, 2018
by Hartzband Center
Hip Surgery Paramus, NJ

The hip joint plays a vital role in supporting the structure and movement of the upper and lower body. Pain in this joint is not uncommon and often goes unnoticed until it begins to inhibit regular activity. When this happens, many people undergo hip replacement or modification surgery to restore optimal integrity within the joint....  read more

When is Hip Replacement Warranted?

June 15, 2018
by Hartzband Center
Hip Replacement Paramus, NJ

Hip replacement surgery is not something that most people imagine needing. Even in light of persistent hip pain and limited mobility, we notice that many patients question if and when surgery is absolutely necessary. In our Paramus, NJ practice, where knees and hips are all we do, we can tell our patient wholeheartedly that we...  read more

Is Hip Resurfacing the Hip Replacement Alternative Younger Patients Have Needed?

April 15, 2017
by Hartzband Center
Hip resurfacing arthroplasty

To have “bad hips,” you must be quite a bit up there in age, right? This is a natural perception that most people have. In truth, there are thousands upon thousands of young, active men and women who would not fit that perception, but who do have significant hip pain. If you are not familiar...  read more

3 Common Hip Injuries in Runners (and Others!)

March 15, 2017
by Hartzband Center
Hip Injuries

Runners are often advised on their form and frequency if they wish to avoid injuries to the various joints used on a regular basis. Hip pain is one of the most challenging of all symptoms to diagnose in runners simply do to the fact that these symptoms are seen so frequently and, also, because there...  read more

Hip Replacement: Important Notes about Aftercare

February 15, 2017
by Hartzband Center
hip replacement

When hip pain keeps you from being able to live the way you would like, surgery can sound like a beneficial step. This is true for many of our patients. However, it is important to know that hip replacement surgery will require you to take some time getting back to a normal routine of physical...  read more

Low Impact Exercise may be your Key to Sustained Comfort

December 15, 2016
by Hartzband Center

Health and wellness have become a hot topic in recent years. We are living longer and staying more active into our senior years, which is a great representation of our commitment to long-term vitality. One of the problems that many people encounter at some point is the wear on their joints, or, should we say,...  read more

Why Age is a Critical Factor in Hip Replacement Surgery

October 10, 2016
by Hartzband Center
hip replacement

Hip replacement surgery is something you would typically expect to need in "old age." It's something that our parents or grandparents need; not something we should need. The thing is, hip arthritis or injury does not wait. There are individuals as young as their 40s or 50s who live with chronic hip pain due to...  read more

Love to Run? Here's What you Need to Know about Knees!

September 15, 2016
by Hartzband Center
knee or hip injuries

"Running will wreck your knees!" If hitting the pavement on a cold winter morning sounds like your version of Heaven on Earth, this is the kind of sentiment that you may scoff at. In the back of your mind, though, you may have caught yourself feeling a little more than a little unnerved by the...  read more

Your Shoe Choices Affect more than Your Feet

August 15, 2016
by Hartzband Center
shoes choices

The two vital aspects of a healthy lifestyle are to eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, and to exercise. Often. Exercise keeps us from putting on extra weight that could stress organs, muscles, and joints. At the same time, physical activity itself causes these important structures to work harder than if we...  read more