Joint Replacement Results

Early Intervention for Joint Pain Offers Specific Benefits

December 15, 2018
by Hartzband Center
Hip Surgery Paramus, NJ

There is an old saying that states “a good offense is the best defense.” Of course, we cannot resist a good sports reference at the height of football season, but there is more to this phrase than meets the eye. It somewhat goes along with the other adage, “prevention is the best medicine.” As knee...  read more

Can Joint Replacement be Postponed?

April 15, 2018
by Hartzband Center
Orthopedic Services Paramus, NJ

We have worked with thousands of patients from New Jersey and across the country and have learned a lot through our interaction with them. One of the things we have learned is that most people really aren’t excited about having knee or hip surgery. This is completely understandable. Surgery may offer specific benefits, but it...  read more

A Better Knee: Joint Preservation or Replacement?

March 15, 2018
by Hartzband Center
Knee Replacement Parmus, NJ

Knee pain is a complaint expressed by millions of people. Adults of all ages report varying degrees of knee pain; some associated with a clear injury and some related to less obvious causes. We are accustomed to hearing about professional athlete’s struggles with knee pain and may have more compassionate understanding for these fellows than...  read more

Is it Time for Joint Replacement?

November 15, 2017
by Hartzband Center
Knee Surgery & Replacement Paramus NJ

Knee and hip injuries don’ have to be major and traumatic for the resulting discomfort to be limiting. Because there is a perception of joint replacement that has circulated for many years; the idea that a hip or knee surgery will require months of rehab and may still not provide the desired improvement, many people...  read more