Do I Need Revision Hip Replacement?

Hip Surgery Paramus, NJ The hip joint plays a vital role in supporting the structure and movement of the upper and lower body. Pain in this joint is not uncommon and often goes unnoticed until it begins to inhibit regular activity. When this happens, many people undergo hip replacement or modification surgery to restore optimal integrity within the joint. Initial hip surgery can significantly improve quality of life. However, the results of surgery may diminish over time. If pain recurs in the groin, buttocks, or hip area, there is reason to visit the idea of revision hip replacement.

Understandably, the question of whether or not a revision surgery is necessary is an important one. Here, we suggest some ways to determine the best path forward.

Are you a candidate for revision?

  • Hip pain is caused by fracture, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or avascular necrosis.
  • Pain symptoms vary widely in frequency and consistency, time of day and physical triggers.
  • Pain occurs while sleeping, lying down, or sitting, indicating the need for surgical intervention.
  • Pain and inflammation inhibit daily activities or ability to work.
  • Lifestyle changes and non-surgical treatments no longer improve comfort and range of motion.

The objective of any hip surgery is to significantly improve physical function and comfort. Before suggesting revision hip replacement, we conduct a thorough consultation and physical examination in order to confirm candidacy accurately. Consultation involves discussion of necessary compliance after surgery and the degree of disability that has occurred.

Revision hip replacement surgery is conducted to assist patients with an existing prosthesis to regain mobility. In this procedure, some of the components of the prosthetic ball and socket may be replaced, or the entire prosthesis may be exchanged for a new one. Additional considerations may be made for bone and soft tissue damage that may have resulted from wear and tear. In such instances, special implants can be inserted to compensate for structural changes.

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