Hip Replacement: Important Notes about Aftercare

When hip pain keeps you from being able to live the way you would like, surgery can sound like a beneficial step. This is true for many of our patients. However, it is important to know that hip replacement surgery will require you to take some time getting back to a normal routine of physical activity. Here, we will discuss your role as an active participant in your recovery, and how you can set yourself up for success.

Hospital Discharge

A patient may stay in the hospital for a few days following hip replacement surgery, depending on how quickly he or she seems to be moving along the road to recovery. Some of the tasks that you need to be able to perform before discharge include:

  • Getting out of bed without assistance.
  • Physical comfort should be under control.
  • Using the bathroom.
  • Walking with a cane or walker.
  • Ability to perform physical therapy exercises at home.
  • Understanding how to prevent injury while healing.

Depending on the age of the patient and other factors related to recovery, some cases are discharged from the hospital to a temporary rehabilitation facility.

Going Home

Many patients look forward to being back in their home environment after surgery. Due to the precautions that need to be taken, the return home should be planned out in advance. Some of the steps that can be taken to create a safer, more comfortable setting include:

  • Arrange frequently-used objects in areas where they are easy to reach (no bending or stretching overhead).
  • Arrange a comfortable, safe recovery area. The living room may become a bedroom for a short time if the patient's usual space is upstairs. Make sure there is plenty of space between various pieces of furniture to accommodate moving about with a walker or cane.
  • Add a comfortable chair to the home. Lower seats are more challenging to get in and out of, so a higher-seat chair with a good cushion is ideal.
  • Add supportive devices to the bathroom and shower, such as a grip bar or shower chair.
  • Remove potential obstacles, such as rugs, which may pose a trip-hazard.

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