Hip Replacement: Tips from Those Who Know

Hip Replacement Surgery Paramus NJ Arthritis pain often reaches a point where it is intolerable. Hip arthritis can affect gait, body mechanics, and your ability to do the things you'd like to do. When this happens, it's natural to consider hip replacement surgery. Before this step, doctors nearly always attempt to manage pain using conservative methods of care, such as prescription medication and physical therapy. When these methods fail to achieve the desired improvement, surgery is the best next step.

Hip replacement surgery, called hip arthroplasty, has advanced quite a bit in the last several years. Patients who undergo this procedure today typically expect a shorter hospital stay and recovery time. These improvements alone lead many patients to state they wish they had sought hip replacement sooner. They lead surgeons to view hip replacement as one of the most successful procedures performed today.

What Patients Have to Say about Hip Replacement Surgery

Most patients wonder what their recovery from hip replacement might be like. This curiosity isn't always expressed. Instead, it is harbored as a challenge to overcome, causing many to postpone their consultation with a hip specialist. Here's what those who have had hip replacement have to say:

  • Don't wait so long. Waiting can mean chronic pain, a change in gait, and additional problems with other joints due to the change in gait. Surgery is a much better option.
  • Have realistic expectations. Surgeons tell patients that hip surgery, though nothing to fear, is still a major surgery that will require some healing time.
  • Do the work. If physical therapy is prescribed as a follow up to hip replacement, it is best to do all exercises as directed, including frequency. Stopping too soon or not performing the recommended exercise at home can inhibit optimal body mechanics.
  • Strengthen leg muscles before surgery. Patients state that they believe this did or would have helped with their recovery.
  • Do research. Hip surgery is major surgery. The effects of the right procedure can be life-changing. This can go both ways. If not done well, hip surgery can lead to ongoing problems. When done well, hip surgery can restore excellent function and comfort. Not all orthopedic surgeons specialize in hip surgeries. We do.

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