Low Impact Exercise may be your Key to Sustained Comfort

Health and wellness have become a hot topic in recent years. We are living longer and staying more active into our senior years, which is a great representation of our commitment to long-term vitality. One of the problems that many people encounter at some point is the wear on their joints, or, should we say, the consequences of that wear. Typically, the way to mitigate the pain and crackling that tends to occur in the knees is to favor low impact exercise over activities such as running. Low impact exercise need not be reserved for the elderly population. Activities such as yoga, walking, and swimming offer significant benefits to adults of all ages.

  1. Sustained joint health. One of the most prominent benefits of keeping one or the other foot grounded during exercise is the notable difference it makes on the joints. If you've ever suffered a joint injury or a condition such as osteoarthritis, you know how easily the pain and stiffness can sideline you, keeping you from maintaining a healthy weight (also vital to joint health). Engaging in a lower impact workout like hiking keeps your joints safer from injury and stress, while also providing you with the health benefits you seek from your exercise routine.
  2. Weight maintenance. Developing a workout program that you like, such as the step or water aerobics, means that you don't have to restrict your calories quite so much to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight. A person who weighs 150 pounds can burn about 300 calories during an hour-long bike ride. That means that, to lose a pound a week, daily caloric intake would need to decrease only about 400 to complement exercise efforts.
  3. Cardiovascular benefits. Exercise is not all about weight loss or muscle gains. It is also about cardiovascular health. According to research, low impact exercise is an excellent way to decrease the risk for cardiovascular disease. Individuals who have been diagnosed with heart disease, or who want to lower their risk for disease, are encouraged to engage in activities like swimming, walking, dancing, or other low impact activities.

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