Tips to Prepare for Hip Surgery

Hip Surgery Paramus, NJ If you follow today’s beauty trends, you may have heard of something called “prejuvenation.” This term describes action taken to preserve youthfulness, such as getting Botox before lines and wrinkles become permanent facial characteristics. When we discuss the matter of hip surgery, many patients ask about recovery and what they can expect. More and more, people are realizing that they can implement strategies like “prejuvenation” to maximize their healing capabilities. We refer to this as prehabilitation.

Prehabilitation means engaging in specific activities before hip surgery that are designed to improve optimal surgical outcome and the general recovery process. In many cases, the primary objective of prehabilitation is to strengthen supporting musculature without further injury to the already-weakened hip joint. Therefore, most prehabilitation exercises are performed sitting or lying down.

Always talk with your doctor before beginning a new physical exercise routine, including before surgery. Your doctor may approve exercises such as:

  • Thigh squeeze. Performed lying down, the thigh squeeze is done by tightening the quad muscles on the front of the thighs while pressing the back of the legs into the flat surface beneath. Contractions are held for a few seconds and then released.
  • Buttocks squeeze. Also performed lying on the back, the buttocks squeeze contracts the buttocks muscles for a few seconds at a time.
  • Heel slides are also performed lying on the back. During this exercise, the heel of one leg is slid toward the buttocks in a controlled manner. Slide the heel until the hip and knee bend, and then slide the heel back down until the leg is straight. Repeat on both sides, and make sure that the kneecap is pointed upward toward the ceiling at all times.
  • Leg slides. Lying on your back, slide one leg out to the side, kneecap pointed upward. Maintain a slow, controlled movement and return the leg to center. Repeat on both sides.
  • Armchair push-ups. This is an important exercise for hip surgery patients because it will help them get up from a seated position more safely and comfortably after surgery. Sitting in a chair, place hands on each armrest and lift your bottom out of the seat, using more upper body strength and as much leg strength as is comfortable. Hold the lifted position for a few seconds and then lower back into the seat.

Prehabilitation exercises may be performed once or twice a day every day leading up to hip surgery. To learn more about preparing for hip surgery, call our Paramus office at 201.291.4040.

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