Can Joint Replacement be Postponed?

Orthopedic Services Paramus, NJ We have worked with thousands of patients from New Jersey and across the country and have learned a lot through our interaction with them. One of the things we have learned is that most people really aren’t excited about having knee or hip surgery. This is completely understandable. Surgery may offer specific benefits, but it also means that time and effort will need to be dedicated to recovery. Some patients also voice concerns that their lifestyle will change after their procedure. The misgivings that occur may naturally lead to the idea that pain can be managed for a little longer before joint replacement becomes necessary. We want to discuss why this may be a bad idea.

There is no denying the fact that joint pain may decrease with specific exercises, dietary changes, and with weight loss. However, these strategies may not be useful at alleviating chronic pain associated with severe joint deterioration or arthritis. Surgery is a big decision, yes, but it should not be put off due to concern about potential negatives. When joint surgery is delayed, wear and tear on the already-degrading structure may occur more quickly. Furthermore, when one joint is affected to the point that causes changes in gait, other parts of the body suffer unnecessary strain; and because pain is a common symptom, the degree to which lifestyle is affected may not be noticed.

When Should Joint Replacement Occur?

The question asked by many patients is “when?” When do they need to commit to having a deteriorated joint replaced? Ultimately, if joint replacement surgery has been recommended by an experienced orthopedic surgeon, it’s time. Putting off a knee or hip replacement eventually means that activities, like walking on the golf course or getting up from a chair, become increasingly difficult.

If you’re already at a point where physical limitation is affecting your quality of life, we encourage you to schedule a consultation in our Paramus, NJ office. During your visit, we will discuss the details of your current situation and the treatment options that can get you back to your favorite activities sooner rather than later.

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