Early Intervention for Joint Pain Offers Specific Benefits

Hip Surgery Paramus, NJThere is an old saying that states “a good offense is the best defense.” Of course, we cannot resist a good sports reference at the height of football season, but there is more to this phrase than meets the eye. It somewhat goes along with the other adage, “prevention is the best medicine.” As knee and hip specialists, we couldn’t agree with each of these concepts more because we have seen them play out in the lives of our patients.

A Prime Scenario

There is no denying that most of us prefer to put off anything more than conservative home treatment for small injuries. A little knee or hip pain will improve over time with rest, elevation, and the occasional ice pack, right? Not always. There is a common story that we have seen countless times. A patient procrastinates in scheduling the surgery recommended by their orthopedist, only to suffer unnecessarily when the affected joint develops arthritis and needs full replacement.

Why Wait?

Studies suggest that younger patients, in particular, can benefit from early intervention when they first notice chronic joint pain. The symptoms they experience could be related to common injuries such as a torn or damaged meniscus or mild osteoarthritis. With prompt care, intervention may be limited to specific tendon surgery or a partial knee replacement.

When the objective of surgery is to repair a tendon or aspect of the joint, there is a greater chance that the procedure can be performed arthroscopically. Arthroscopic surgery involves smaller incisions. The benefit of a conservative approach is maximum results with minimal downtime.

Surgeries aimed at repair versus replacement are also good for the preservation of the joint and surrounding structures. Although we’ve come a long way in medicine, no prosthesis that has been developed to date can compare with the natural human body. That’s why we like to keep as much of the affected area intact for as long as possible, which we can do when treating a smaller injury versus one that has gone on for years.

Prevention is the best medicine, but we can’t always protect our joints from injury and degradation. When intervention becomes necessary, an experienced specialist can provide the insight and peace of mind needed. Learn more about the services available in our Paramus, NJ knee and hip practice. Call (201) 291-4040.

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