Avoid the Pitfalls of the Pedals

Knee Surgery & Replacement Paramus NJFor ages, people of all ages have gained a lot from hopping on their favorite bicycle. As kids, many of us spent hours on a tricycle, a banana seat, or a ten-speed. Whatever your preference regarding style, there are some things that you need to about bicycling for recreation, exercise, or fundamentals like getting from one place to another. Cycling is a somewhat gentle sport unless you lean toward the extreme mountain-biking side of the fence. Still, there is a potential for injury to the knees. Let’s look into some ways this risk can be diminished.

Minding your Heights

Every person needs a particular seat-height. What is functional for a 5-foot person would be completely wrong for someone who stands 6-foot 5-inches. If a long-legged person tries to ride with the seat too low, he risks strain on the knee joint that could cause pain at the front of the knee. If the shorter-legged person attempted to ride with a too-high seat, she would be at risk of excessive tension and pain at the back of the knee. The right seat-height will allow full extension of the leg (straightness) when the pedal is at 6 o’clock.

Easing the Grind

There is no reason to grind through pedaling when you have gears to pave a smoother, less strenuous path. Neglecting to upshift and downshift as needed puts unnecessary strain on the knee joints, and it can also lead to other injuries. A basic guide to bike gears is to shift to a lower tension before riding uphill. When faced with a downhill slope, increased tension is more appropriate. The proper use of gears is more complex than this, but not difficult to learn with a little help from a cycling expert.

Focus on your Feet

You may recognize the value of proper footwear for bike-riding, and yet you may sometimes find yourself in a predicament. Many people ride bikes wearing flip-flops, sandals, and even heels! Some who ride their bike to the office may feel perfectly safe wearing loafers or other close-toed dress shoes. Tennis shoes or cycling shoes trump them all. There are far fewer “parts” that could become stuck in a pedal or other structure, and far more stability and flexibility.

The benefits of biking outweigh the risks, especially when you take adequate precautions.

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