Is Knee Replacement on your Calendar? Then These Exercises Should be In Your Future!

Knee Replacement Surgery Paramus NJ Joint replacement is not something that most people truly wish to experience in their lifetime. We can tell you from our perspective, though, that when an injured or arthritic joint is causing pain, most of the people we meet are pretty excited about getting knee replacement put on their calendar.

One of the primary aspects of knee replacement that creates apprehension in people is the concept of painful or lengthy recovery. Knee surgeries have advanced so much in the past few decades that patient outcomes far exceed what most people anticipate. After surgery, many patients are surprised at how quickly they are encouraged to engage in physical activity. In addition to working with a physical therapist on specific strength and flexibility exercises, patients are able to strategize some interesting workout routines that support general health and their new joint.

Maximum Effect without the Impact

Physical fitness asks us to move our joints, which can feel somewhat intimidating after joint replacement. Fortunately, there are several ways in which a person can move their muscles and joints without physically moving through space. Examples for maximum effect exercises without joint impact include stationary bikes and elliptical machines. These modalities can provide the same intensity as running without placing undue pressure on the knees.

Strength Where You Least Expect It

Many people consider yoga as a form of exercise that is more like moving meditation. There is a misconception that yoga requires a person to be flexible. While there is a need for flexibility in yoga, the greater need is for strength. After joint replacement, yoga can support both strength and flexibility in core muscles as well as those around the new joint. A qualified yoga instructor can modify poses that suit each person’s individual capabilities and limitations, which can take the stress out of trying a new activity with your new joint.

It is important to get back into an exercise routine after joint replacement surgery. Doing so helps to control weight, which in turn supports the complete recovery and longevity of a new joint. As you transition through your joint replacement recovery, your physical therapist and surgeon are excellent resources for appropriate exercise suggestions.

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