Knee Replacement: Getting Back to The Act of Living

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Knee joints may get injured, or simply wear down, leading to the need for replacement. Patients with our New Jersey hip and knee center receive the exact level of care needed to restore comfort and range of motion. Ultimately, a partial or fullĀ knee replacement is performed with the objective of ushering a patient back into a good quality life. Here, we touch on a few of the normalcies of living that may not be as normal as one would expect, at least not right away.


Of course, the ability to drive is gradually regained along with functional movement after knee replacement surgery. Patients are forewarned that they may not be able to get back behind the wheel for a few weeks, and that is only if an automatic transmission is driven. Driving a manual transmission vehicle, because of the need to lift the leg and bend the knee to press pedals, may take a bit longer.

Driving also cannot be resumed until the only medication being taken is non-narcotic. Narcotics prescribed after surgery inhibit the ability to safely operate a vehicle.


Travel of any kind takes a physical toll. The longer the flight or ride, the greater the toll. It is important to take the time to stretch and walk before as well as during longer flights. Getting up just to move about the cabin decreases the risk of blood clot formation. Also, when flying after knee replacement, be aware that any metal in the artificial knee is likely to alert metal detectors. Furthermore, changes in cabin pressure may cause unexpected swelling in the knee joint or lower extremities. If you plan to travel within the first few months after the knee or hip surgery, speak with your doctor about precautions or special concerns.

Dental Care?

The idea that orthopedic surgery affects dental care may seem far-fetched, but it is something to remember. Patients who receive an artificial joint, even a partial structure, may have an increased risk of infection please contact our office for information regarding pre-medication prior to any dental procedures.

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