Torn ACL? Here are Three Clues to Look For

Do you have to repair a torn ACL?

Everyone experiences a bit of pain in the knee joint from time to time; perhaps even some minor inflammation or "giving out." Because these are rather commonplace occurrences, especially for the older adult, recognizing an actual knee injury may be quite the challenge. Because the toll of an injury such as a torn ACL can be significant on your general sense of comfort and vitality, it is necessary to obtain care right away if you have the smallest clue you may need it.


Pain is an interesting experience because there are aches and pains that are tolerable, and then there are forms of pain or painful experiences that cause you to feel extremely distracted from your normal activities. If knee pain is constant or excruciating after a particular incident, this may indicate an ACL injury that requires a consultation with an experienced orthopedic physician.


Your joints should move with a certain fluidity. If pain is associated with a popping sound made when you move the joint, you may have injured the ACL. Many health care providers express that popping in the knee joint is a major indicator of a torn ACL. It is our practice to encourage patients who suspect an injury to obtain a consultation in which we can assess the various factors involved before jumping to any conclusions.


If you experience pain and swelling in your knee, your may have suffered a minor injury to the ACL, but not necessarily a full tear. Swelling may be treated with ice and elevation. However, if this does not minimize the problem, you may have more than a mild strain.

Symptoms are one of several indicators to an injury in the knee joint or surrounding structures. In order to determine the extent of compromise in the joint, an experienced orthopedic surgeon will conduct a thorough examination to assess mobility, comfort, and structural integrity.

Don't wait to consult with the appropriate specialist about a potential knee injury. The complexity of this joint requires meticulous attention to detail, which you receive from our highly-trained physicians and staff.

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