Your Shoe Choices Affect more than Your Feet

The two vital aspects of a healthy lifestyle are to eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, and to exercise. Often. Exercise keeps us from putting on extra weight that could stress organs, muscles, and joints. At the same time, physical activity itself causes these important structures to work harder than if we were sitting on the couch watching Seinfeld reruns. One of the major components to keeping the body in good working order while exercising is to pay attention to your shoes.

Shoes Support Healthy Knees
Running is the activity of choice for millions of Americans. While it's great to get the heart pumping, running can do a number on the knee joints. This is simply because of the impact that occurs when your feet hit the pavement over and over and over again. When footwear is not well-suited to your feet or to your physique, and even your running style, there is a risk of tearing a meniscus or developing tendonitis around the knee joint. A good shoe will have sufficient support cushioning, and it will hug the foot so it does not slide around.

Shoes Support the Hips
In addition to spinal issues, calcium deposits and bone spurs, direct injury, and rheumatoid arthritis, stress injury is a potential cause of bursitis in the hip. A stress injury occurs as a result of overuse. This doesn't necessarily mean that you go hard and harried in your workouts, but that your use of the joints in your lower extremities and hips is simply more than they can handle. Even standing and sitting for too long are considered sources of stress injuries. To prevent overexertion and misuse of the tendons and joints in the hips, experts recommend finding good, comfortable shoes for your sports and exercise activities.
Shoes are as personal as an eyeglasses prescription; they must fit to the individual structure. One foot may be slightly larger than the other, so having your feet sized before purchasing shoes may be necessary. Orthopedic specialists and trainers also educate patients and clients on the importance of stretching and good training techniques as preventive measures against stress injuries to the knees and hips.

We would love to see people avoid knee and hip injuries. When they do, however, we are right here to help them restore optimal structural integrity that enables them to get back in the game. If you would like to consult with us about a hip or knee concern, call 201-291-4040.

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