Holy Name

Kinder, Gentler, Joint Replacement

Have you been putting off total knee or total hip replacement surgery because you're afraid of experienceing a long painful recovery?
Fear no more.

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MD NEWS Northern New Jersey

Joint Replacement:
Advanced Techniques Bring Better Outcomes

For nearly 30 years, Mark. A Hartzband, M.D., Director Bone and Joint Center, Holy Name Medical Center, has provided patients in the tri-state area with minimally invasive joint replacement procedures that enable quicker recovery times and faster return to a fulfilling quality of life.

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BC The Magazine - May/June 2012

No Bones Barred

Leading orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Hartzband is on the cutting edge of medical advances in the field of joint replacement.

"The old saying goes that practice makes perfect. For Dr. Mark Hartzband, one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in the country and the founder and medical director of the Hartzband Center for Hip and Knee Replacement, that is certainly the case."

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Baby Boomers will create a joint replacement boom

Dr. Mark A. Hartzband, a prominent Bergen County orthopedic surgeon, is a baby boomer who has many members of his own generation as patients.

“My average age is somewhere between 56 and 58, whereas when I went into practice 26 years ago, my average age was 78,” says Hartzband, 57, who estimates that 50 to 60 percent of those on whom he does knee and hip replacements — his specialty — are boomers.

“I’m a very minimally invasive guy, and those are the people who are most attracted to minimally invasive surgeons, ’cause … they want to minimize how much time they’re out of work.”

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