Technology is Improving Patients’ Surgical Experience

Orthopedic Services Paramus, NJWe’ve been providing personal surgical care to patients in the Paramus, NJ area for many years. In our clinical experience, we have come to realize that the patient experience before and after surgery can be more than a little stressful. Patients want to know what to expect, what to do when they have questions or concerns, how they can make the most of their surgery and how they can heal optimally. This is only the beginning. Meeting each patient’s need for information and support just got easier. Here, we want to discuss the value of technology that is available right at your fingertips.

Recently, Zimmer Biomet partnered with Apple to create a mobile application to help people prepare for knee or hip replacement surgery. Even if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, there are several reasons to learn more about the app, called mymobility.

The mymobility app has been developed as a patient-centered platform that empowers each patient to become an active participant in their surgical and recovery process. Not only that, the app has built-in features that show patients their progress in completing recommended tasks while offering encouragement along the way.

What Patients Gain With the mymobility App

Direct Assistance

No patient is on their own to download and register for their mymobility app. The surgical care team is involved in the initial enrollment process during the very first surgical consult. Upon enrollment on an Apple Watch or iPhone, the patient gains access to their procedure-specific care plan. At home, or with the surgical team’s assistance, the patient can then complete the secure registration steps that are sent in an email. The email provides instructions on account setup, paring devices, and on how to use the app.

Consistent Communication

Using the mymobility app means that a patient knows what to expect at all times during treatment and recovery. Timely reminders from the surgical care team fosters peace of mind, which in turn lowers anxiety related to an upcoming procedure. Personalized notifications enable the patient to understand their condition, known what to expect on the day of surgery, and steps they can take to maximize their recovery. The information sent to each patient is customized to their treatment plan, their injury or condition, and their needs. An app messaging feature enables the patient to stay in close contact with their surgical care team, increasing their sense of well-being throughout their process.


Reminders are received directly on the patient’s iPhone or Apple Watch to alert them of to-do activities, including exercises that need to be completed. Upon completion of a routine, the patient can see a summary that displays their overall progress.

It means a lot to us to ease our patient’s stress before and after surgery. The mymobility app is available on iPhone 6s or later with the latest software update. Learn more at 201.291.4040.

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