Why Revision Surgery May be Necessary

Hip Revision Paramus, NJHip and knee replacement surgeries are conducted on a routine basis in our country. These procedures have a high success rate in helping patients regain comfort, mobility, and quality of life. There are several reasons why a knee or hip joint may be replaced, and also a variety of techniques that may be involved in these procedures. Every situation is different. What is consistent among them is an objective of long-term gain.

The initial hip or knee replacement involves the placement of a ceramic, plastic, or metal implant into a joint that is no longer functioning well. Most of these surgeries result in functional usage for several years. In some cases, patients can utilize the replaced joint for twenty years. However, there is also a chance that a second procedure will become necessary at some point. Revision surgeries for hips and knees may occur when problems occur in the joint, or when the implant simply wears out.

Specific issues that have been noted by prominent orthopedic surgeons include:

  • Structural vulnerability. After years of use, a replacement implant may become loose. This results in the return of discomfort and may also inhibit the full range of motion.
  • Joint dislocation. Revision surgery may be discussed if the joint repeatedly dislocates.
  • Fracture. The knees and hips are no more protected from injury after joint replacement than they ever were. A fall or run-in with another person or an object could cause a fracture in the joint or an adjacent bone.
  • Infection. One of the risks of knee and hip replacement (any surgery, really) is the infection. We take precautions to lower this risk and provide detailed postoperative instructions to expand on this. Infection around an implanted knee or hip joint could be serious. Revision surgery is performed with the goal of removing all infected material and, if necessary, replacing affected parts.
  • Recall. Implants are approved medical devices, and like other types of devices recalls happen from time to time. If problems are discovered across a certain lot or type of implant, revision surgery may be recommended.

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