Same-Day Joint Replacement Surgery

Same-Day Joint Replacement in Paramus, NJ

Advancements in both surgical technique and anesthesia give many hip and knee replacement patients at Hartzband Joint Replacement Institute the option of having same-day joint replacement. This means the patient comes in for his or her knee or hip replacement in the morning and by the late afternoon they are back in the comfort of their own home beginning their recovery.

Simply hearing the phrase same-day knee or hip replacement can give patients the impression that they will be operated on and then abandoned to their home to cope with recovery on their own. Reality couldn’t be further from that. In fact, patients who have same-day replacements tend to be more satisfied with their care and their overall replacement and they have lower rates of infection.

Dr. Hartzband wants his patients to know more about the possibility of same-day knee or hip replacement.

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How is same-day knee or hip surgery performed?

The surgical procedures Dr. Hartzband uses for same-day replacements are the same as in-hospital techniques. Minimally invasive techniques such as mini-incision hip replacement and 2-incision hip replacement and mini-incision and quad-sparing total knee arthroplasty have made these procedures far less invasive on your body. There is less bleeding and far less cutting of muscle fiber to gain access to the joint. That makes for easier recovery, which makes it possible to immediately do so right in the comfort of your own home.

What is the difference between inpatient hospital and same-day joint replacement surgery?

The transformation in these procedures is nothing short of miraculous. Just a decade or so ago, patients undergoing joint replacement typically would spend up to seven days in the hospital before going home. Up until the last few years, those hospital stays had been reduced to one or two days.

Now, thanks to minimally invasive techniques and the development of new anesthesia, patients can come to the surgical center at 7 a.m., have Dr. Hartzband perform the hip or knee replacement, and return home in the late afternoon.

Is same-day joint replacement available to all patients?

This isn’t a dictated thing. Patients can choose to still have 1-2 days in the hospital after their replacement surgery. We only suggest same-day surgery as an option if the patient is healthy, engaged, and has a support system in place for their home recovery. Patients with comorbidities (secondary diseases or conditions), who are older, who have a higher BMI, or have less support at home would not be candidates for an outpatient procedure.

Same-Day Joint Replacement in Paramus, NJ

Are the results of same-day surgery the same?

Lots of medical research has been ongoing comparing these newer outpatient procedures with the former in-hospital recovery. Outcomes point to patients faring better when they go home the day of their joint replacement surgery. Studies have found that same-day joint replacement patients experience fewer complications, including a lower infection rate. Patients report a high degree of satisfaction and better outcomes with their same-day surgery experience.

Doesn’t it seem rushed?

When patients first hear about the possibility of same-day joint replacement, they think they’ll receive less attentive recovery care. Not so. True, you won’t have a nurse stopping by your room with some bad hospital food and to show you how to change the channel on the TV in your austere room. Instead you’ll have family or friends checking in regularly and you’ll be in your own comfy environs. Our care team will check-in via telephone, and a physical therapist will come to your home several times a week. You’ll also be given more information for at-home recovery than the hospital would provide.

This isn’t rushed; it’s simply smarter in most ways. After all, your recovery will occur at home. That will be the case whether you spend one or two nights in the hospital at the onset or not.

Same-Day Joint Replacement in Paramus, NJ

What if I’m not ready to be discharged?

Your health is our top priority. After these surgeries, Dr. Hartzband will not discharge a patient is he or she isn’t able to walk after their surgery, or if they are having even minor complications or abnormal labs. “Same day” doesn’t apply if you’re not ready for discharge.

Your “PreHab” is important

Most of us would rather be laid up in the comfort of our own home than in a austere hospital situation, but it can scare some potential same-day patients that they won’t receive the same “hand holding” at home as they would in the hospital.

But if you’ve prepared your home and your mind for recovering at home, you’ll be amazed and how much easier your recovery can be. Patients who do their “PreHab” love same-day surgery and their ability to recover in their own bed surrounded by their own stuff.

We’ll give you a list of all you’ll need to do to get your home recovery space ready. It’s not difficult.

Same-Day Joint Replacement in Paramus, NJ

Does same-day joint replacement carry risks?

All surgeries carry some risk, such as excessive bleeding, poor wound healing, reaction to anesthesia, and the like. There are not any additional risks with same-day surgery. In fact, studies show that outpatient joint replacement has a lower risk of infection than in the hospital. This is because at home your body is used to your germs and the surrounding environment. In the hospital there are lots of unknown bacteria circulating, all with the potential for infection.

Same-day joint replacement is the future

The trend toward performing more and more same-day joint replacements is accelerating at Hartzband and across the globe. It’s estimated that by 2027 over half of all joint replacements will be performed in an outpatient setting.

You’ll save money and likely enjoy an easier recovery

These same-day joint replacement procedures can save our Hartzband patients up to 50 percent on their overall costs. This may not be a big deal depending on your insurance, but with today’s increasing use of “threshold plans” this could save you real money.

Every patient is different. We will talk with you and provide you with information about what surgeries you qualify for, how your procedure will be performed, how to prepare for it, and what you can expect during your recovery.

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