Sports Injuries: 5 Tips for Prevention

There are so many benefits to engaging in a much-loved sporting activity that physicians typically encourage patients in their passions. Whether for personal interest, a profession, or a fun way to just get out and get some exercise, sports should be approached in a manner that respects the risk of injury. While the team at Hartzband has the training and experience to repair knee and hip injuries, we would much prefer to help you avoid them.

  1. Warm up before your game. Actually, a good warm-up is advised before any physical exercise. Literally, the goal of warming up is to bring heat and circulation to the muscles and connective tissues that will be stressed during play. The exercises and stretches that you perform should correlate with the body-parts you may use the most, such as the wrists for golfers or the legs and shoulders for baseball players.
  2. Wear the recommended protective gear. Whether your sport requires you to wear a helmet, pads, a mouth guard, or special shoes, learn what protective gear you need and get the best. Remember, you get what you pay for. An example is the mouth guard. Many of the products that are sold in the store and fitted at home do not have the proper thickness to prevent injury, and yet they get in the way of oxygen uptake when you breathe heavy.
  3. Know the rules. This may not sound like a habit that will help you avoid injury, but it can. Knowing the ins and outs of your sport makes you a better player, and a better person to be on the field or course with. This is because you will know what is expected of you - and what to expect of others.
  4. Keep an eye out. Communication with teammates and coaches is essential for a safe, productive game.
  5. Do not play injured. If you experience an injury, even if it seems mild, you can exacerbate inflammation and pain by continuing to play.

Sports injuries can keep you from the activities you love. If you have recently injured a knee or hip, get help now. Contact Hartzband Center for Hip & Knee Replacement at 201-291-4040.

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