Ways that Mindset Helps the Surgical Process

hip surgery Paramus, NJ If you have been living with a creaky, stiff, swollen joint, the idea of surgery may be very welcomed. Chronic pain can be debilitating and emotionally draining. The surgical repair or replacement of a damaged joint is often perceived as a new lease on life. This can be true. At the same time, surgery can be somewhat frightening. As much as we discuss a procedure and its details, we understand that there is no way to fully inform a patient of what they may expect in the months after their surgery.

The fear of the unknown can take as much of a toll as pain itself. We would like to do what we can to help our patients approach their surgery with an eye for the positive. Certain techniques can facilitate this goal. If knee or hip surgery is in your future, consider the following:

1. Write down your motivations, all of them. What did pain take from you? What does having surgery mean for your future? Some patients don’t just write a list; they collect images of the activities they would love to be able to do, of the people they love spending time with. Motivation goes a long way toward maintaining a positive mindset before and following surgery.

2. Steer clear of catastrophe. A common ailment that may strike some people before an advantageous surgery is catastrophic thinking. It does no good even to consider every little detail that could go wrong. Thinking about the worst-case scenario every day will not make your best-case scenario better, so avoid this negative coping and focus on the bright side of your surgery, that you will have a better-functioning joint.

3. Learn something new. A lot of good can come from learning stress-reducing techniques before a surgical procedure. Some patients gain clarity and peace by journaling their thoughts and hopes for the future. Some talk with a therapist or compassionate loved one who can hear their concerns and offer positive support. Exercise and breathing techniques are also beneficial for anxiety-control.

We perform numerous hip and knee procedures every month. Our team offers friendly support throughout the entire treatment process. To learn more about our services, call 201-291-4040.

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